First Foray in Figure Drawing - Scribbles and Sketch

Today I made a trip to a crafts store to buy a few items including a figure drawing mannequin.   So, I did some scribble drawing, which I read about in "Basic Figure Drawing Techniques," by Greg Albert.  The premise being that you draw for about a minute while constantly keeping the pencil moving and in contact with the paper.  Below are my first two attempts. 


Afterwards, I decided to do a slightly more involved sketch of the mannequin.  This took about 15 minutes. 

After this I decided to sketch a Nutcracker that we still had out from Christmas.  The results were horrible.  I've realized that I have a terrible sense of scale when dealing with live objects.  I'm far better working from a photo.  But, I assume that it's worth the effort to learn to draw from a live model/object.  All in all, I'd say it wasn't a good night for drawing, but hopefully this is just me paying my dues.

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