Writing All Over Again as well...

Though I haven't been able to keep up with this blog as much as I would like, it has been a creative outlet for me.  It's awakened a certain creative spirit in me that has long been stifled.  This muse seems to be unaware that I don't have the time for it.

For years I've thought about writing.  I've gone so far as to create settings and characters.  But, they've only seen the inside of my head and never a page.  Recently I've really been thinking more and more about these ideas.  I feel the need to write them down.  So, now I'm not only struggling to find time to draw....but I'm also trying to find time to write.  Sheesh!

Check out my new blog.....though give it some time.  I haven't actually written anything yet.  


My Father's Day Gift

I was given a few precious moments to work on my drawing today.  Those moments are hard to come by when you have four kids, including a 5 week old infant.

For some reason the scan came out a little blurry.  Not sure why that is.  I'm not overly pleased with the teeth or the helmet, but the rest of the drawing is pretty good.  I'll take it, because I'm ready to move onto something different.