Glass Tears - First Sketch

This is a drawing that I made from a photo that I found on Wet Canvas in the "Classroom" section. This sketch took about 40 minutes. I intend to give it another shot as I know that I can improve upon this. The intent here was to try to draw quickly.....quick for me, anyway.

First, here is the drawing:

Second, here is the photo:

There are definitely issues to be worked out here.  I cropped out too much of the photo.  Additionally, the reference photo is clearly at more of an angle to the camera than my sketch portrays.  Perspective eludes me!  I'll have to give this another shot.

I will give myself one out here.  I didn't want to draw the sketch while sitting at my computer desk so I attempted to print the photo.  But, we were nearly out of ink.  The version that I printed was far lighter, and far less sharp than this photo.  This doesn't excuse the poor use of perspective, however.

I began this drawing at the top of the page by drawing a line for the eyebrow.  Then I tried creating the shape of the eye starting at the left corner of the eye.  Then I focused on the pupil.  Next, I drew in the eye lashes saving the tears for last.  I tend to shade as I go.  So, I was drawing each area to nearly what you see now before moving on to the next.  The reason that I'm writing all of this is so that I can look back on this someday and see what methods I've used and the results of those methods.   

NOTE: Click Here for the Final "Much Improved" Version of this Drawing

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