Welcome Home Ivy Ray

Our new baby girl was born yesterday at 3:32pm.  After a quick scare mommy and baby are doing fine. 


And then it ended!

Oh.  I love the weekends.  I actually got to draw for a few hours this weekend.  And it charged me up so much that I really want to keep drawing.  But, then Monday hits and time slips away.  It's so hard to get any time on the weekdays.  I'm lucky if I get one night per week.

So, c'mon weekend!  I have a drawing to finish.


Orc: Work in Progress

Here's the work from today.  God, I love weekends. 


Orc Sketch

Decided to work on something other than eyes for a change.  Just did some sketches of an orc's face.  Then decided to try to transfer the pencil drawing to a Bristol Board by retracing the image with a very heavy hand over top of the board.  It didn't work. 

Here's what I did tonight:


First Foray into Colored Pencil

Here is my first attempt at using colored pencils.  I picked some up and was anxious to use them.  I didn't do any prep work.  I just sat down and decided to see what would happen.