The Wait is Over: Wacom Intuos5 is Here

I stopped by Best Buy a day early to see if my new Wacom Intuos5 Touch Medium had arrived. Luck for me, it had. I've only had a few minutes to play with it, but I'm really impressed. This is a well designed tool. I've heard the complaints about the touch features being buggy, the buttons being hard to press, etc. So, far I haven't experienced any of these things.

I think that the pressure sensitivy is even better when drawing with a light touch. I don't have facts to validate this. It just feels like it takes less pressure to activate the pen. I love the heads up display. Zooming and rotating with your fingers helps to free up more of the express keys. This essentially gives you two extra uses for the touch wheel. I haven't had a chance to play with the radial menus. But, I can't wait to set them up. I can see that after some trial and error I'll be able to find a set up that will allow me to almost never need to touch the keyboard.

I'm really excited about this device. I'm usually a fairly critical person. I'm sure I'll eventually find something to nitpick on this device. But, at this point I have nothing but great things to say!

One last glowing positivity! I've heard negative things about Best Buy's "Pick Up in Store" program. But, I was really happy with it. They treated me well and the product arrived early.

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